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Sekolah Terpadu Pahoa has been known as a melting pot because of the diverse background and cultures of its students, teachers and staff. Sekolah Terpadu Pahoa is also famous for its curriculum in three languages- Mandarin, English and Indonesian. Mastery in a language needs a lot of training if not born or raised with it, that’s why there are some who makes an effort to learn the three languages that Sekolah Terpadu Pahoa are using. All students, teachers and staff in Sekolah Terpadu Pahoa, if not mastered the three languages; they are at least well versed and conversationally good in two of the three languages in either Indonesian and Mandarin or Indonesian and English.

Sekolah Terpadu Pahoa, specifically BP4, decided to have a Trilingual Event in every language department and level from TK to SMA to determine the knowledge level and proficiency in using three languages in different genre, with a theme of: “Becoming the Excellent Millennials Equipped with Characters and Trilingual Skills” and the activities in line for the event.

TK Pahoa consists of 490 students with ages ranging from 4 – 6 years old. These young learners are trained to listen, speak, and even write in three languages. Their talents are honed and sharpened up during their lesson time inside and outside their classrooms using three languages – Mandarin, English, and Indonesian – especially in events like in this Trilingual Event. This Trilingual Event becomes a stepping stone for these young learners to showcase their abilities to speak – up, create sentences, and even recite moral values in three languages.

In Mandarin Department of TK Pahoa the students in Mandarin language presented a “Show and Tell Activity”. For the preliminaries the students arranged the pictures in order; wherein for TK A the good habit pictures (how to wash the hands properly or how to correctly brush the teeth), then tell the steps on how to do the good habits, while, for TK B the story based on Di Zi Gui. Out of 492 students only 19 students got in the final round or 1 student per class proceeded. In the final round the nineteen finalists stood in front of Ye Li Rong (Mandarin Vice Principal), Tu Yu Ci (TK B Mandarin Coordinator) and Chiu Yi Ya (KB Mandarin Coordinator) who are the judges that day. TK A students told a short story about their routines in detailed from waking – up in the morning until retiring at night, and the TK B students stood in front of the judges with confidence speaking in Mandarin about Di Zi Gui and explaining its meaning. Among the 19 students who battled for fluency in Mandarin Language only 6 students came out as winners, for TK A,  they’re Celine Quinnera of Learners C for the 1st Place, Madeleine Livia Halim of Learners A for the 2nd place and Nicole Sienna Lee of Learners G for the 3rd place, for TK B, they’re Raylene Angelica Widjaja of Achievers J for 1st place winner, Carlos Tjendrawan of Achievers C for 2nd place winner, and Edward Trevaughn Rusli for 3rd place winner.

Vocabulary is the most important tool to be fluent in speaking a foreign language. English speaking in Indonesia especially for TK needs a lot of vocabularies to be able to comprehend and for them to speak – up and reason out. These vocabularies were tested by the English Department of KB - TK Pahoa wherein the students have to construct sentences to describe the picture/s they choose. For the elimination round which was in the classroom the students were presented 10 pictures to choose from. The students have to choose 1-2 pictures for TK A and 2-3 pictures for TK B, when a student already choose a picture/s they have to construct sentences based on what they can see on the picture. For TK A students, they have to construct 1-2 sentences using the picture they have chosen, while for TK B students have to construct 2-3 sentences about the picture they have chosen as well. From 490 students only 19 students got in the final round or 1 representative for each class, the competition was held in lobby A. The same mechanics were used in the final round butthe student’s fluency and comprehension were unmistakable when the judges composed of Ms. Sophie Femina Limarta (KB – TK Principal), Ms. Agung Setyawati (KB Vice Principal) and Ms. Felice Emily Manapsal (TK Speaking Teacher), thoroughly asked the students some questions about the pictures they choose. Out of 19 students come out 6 winners for English Department; for TK A Derrick Marcus Lestari of Learners H for the 1st place, Ethan Louis Ong of Learners F for the 2nd place and Bryce Alexander Halim of Learners G for the 3rd place, as well as in TK B the winners are Keenan Gilbert Marciano of Achievers F for the 1st place, Minka Kieli Alexandra T of Achievers J for the 2nd place and Cailyn Faith Soeseno of Achievers I for the 3rd place.

Poems and rhymes at all times and always will be part of the curriculum of kindergarten wherein the students love and enjoyed reciting, singing, and dancing. Indonesian language has a vast compilation of poetry in their culture. The Bahasa Indonesia Department prepared 2 poems for the students to memorize and recite expressively. Two weeks before the elimination round the Bahasa Indonesia teachers gave the poem piece to the students for them to study and practice at home. On the elimination day, the students were called in front of the class individually to express their creativity in reciting the poem. Out of 490 students only 19 students emerge as winners or 1 student representative per class. Final round was held in lobby A with Ms. Yanuar Purnawati (Vice Principal), Ms. Rilla Delima (Admin Personnel), and Ms Laura Gilang (Former Librarian). Out of 19 students surfaced 6 winners; for TK A Laetitia Margareth Yeo of Learners F for the 1st place, Beatrice Ellie Novandy of Learners A for the 2nd place, Axelle Reinbert Chou of Learners B for the 3rd place and for TK B I Putu Darma of Achievers F for the 1st place, Maverick Tendiran of Achievers C for the 2nd place and Emily Singgih Tjhoi for the 3rd place.

KB - TK Pahoa students may experience difficulties in constructing sentences, memorizing a poem or even story telling their daily activity at an early stage of their life but this experience may become beneficial for them in the years to come. They may seem hard today and tomorrow may be worse but there will come a time that all endeavours will gain sunshine. The event of trilingual activity has come to a conclusion, certificates and goody bags for the winners and top 19 representatives in each class were sponsored by BP4 Department. BP4 Dept. also sends representatives for the closing ceremony namely Ms. Lisa and Mr. Marcel who awarded the certificate and goody bags to some winners. All were cheerful and thankful at the outcome of the event, especially when the 3 languages department – Mandarin, English and Indonesian performed a dance number for all the students to see.  (Florinda & Ita)

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